"Let's Run Away (Together)"

You caught my eye, when you walked in
All of my life, where have you been?
so what do you say? Let's lose this crowd. No time to waste. No time like now...

Let's run Away Together
Let's leave tonight
This dream could last forever
so hold on tight, Darling

Let's run Away Together
Let's close our eyes
Two tickets in my pocket
To paradise...

New York, London, Paris, Rome
Berlin and Tokyo
There's no place that we'll call home
And there's no place we won't go...

Let's Run Away Together
Into the sky
Let's Run Away Together
Let's say, bye-bye, Darling
Let's Run Away Together
Leave cares behind, let's travel light, let's leave tonight ~
Let's Run Away...Together!

©2009 Juliet Annerino

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