1. One Brave Soul

The vocal track was the first take. the alto flute player said he thought it was a keeper, so we just went with it. I'd wanted to write something in odd meter, so I put the bridge in 5, while the A sections are in 3. Hope you enjoy it!


“One Brave Soul”

One brave soul
I’m looking for one brave soul…
Vain and bold, to walk with me on hot coals
One heedless heart, who’ll dare the dark
Who’ll risk life and limb, catching larks…

One brave soul
Of blood and gold,
Will and fire, to walk upon the high wire,
With a demon’s eyes, and an angel’s hair
Without compromise, without a single care…

Bridge: I know a place
Not far from here
Don’t bring your coat
Don’t bring your fear…

My one brave soul
Just one I know, who’ll stand alone
And walk into the unknown
With a demon’s aim and an angel’s grace
In a dangerous game
One light, one face,
One brave soul…

© 1996 Juliet Annerino

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