1. Cigarette

From the latest album, "Scenes from a Life on Fire"



You bought a pack of lies all wrapped in pretty colour ~
They promised your blue eyes a taste richer and fuller
You thought you had a match, your pockets all were empty…
Well, I could get you that,
Get closer to me, Baby…

Chorus: I’ll be your cigarette
The One you won’t forget
You know I got a light
And this could feel so right…
Across your fingertips,
I’ll meet you at your lips ~
What seems a bit taboo,
Could be so good for you ~
I’ll be your cigarette…

I’ll wisp around you, in a cloud of smoke, caress you ~
And every whisper said aloud will soon undress you ~
Take me in deep, and then just let my darkness through you
Heavy as sleep,
I’ll float inside and I will soothe you…


Bridge: I’ll be in your clothes
And I’ll be in your hair
What the surgeon doesn’t know
Is the cowboy doesn’t care
What goes up in smoke
Disappears into think air
What you crave the most
I could take you there…


Now once you try me you’ll just want me all the time, yeah
You won’t forget me, I’ll be right there on your mind, yeah
Just take me out whenever life seems like a drag, Boy
I’ll pick you up and show you
Everything is mad joy…


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