1. You Alone


“You Alone”

You, alone, it seems appear in all my dreams,
Take part in all my schemes, then
Leave me wondering…why you leave at all?

You, alone with someone, maybe not as much fun,
Maybe not the one but they’ll keep you far from,
Thinking of me, alone~

Bridge: Is it all of those things that you never say
That make me tell you everything?
Is it the noise in the streets from the traffic and trains,
That make the birds want to sing,
Want to sing?

You, alone, will be the one I see with me
In all of my imaginings,
In all of my tangled dreams…
I might be in the midst of things,
But without you here it’s just me,

(solo, bridge, last verse)

©2005 Juliet Annerino

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