1. Damn



Spoken: Damn that leather jacket you wear. Damn the way you comb your
hair…damn your dreams and your regrets. Damn your brand of
cigarettes. Damn your whisper, damn your sigh, damn your laughter
and damn your sigh…

Damn the moon and damn this night
Damn the dark and damn the light
Damn each star up in the sky ~
Damn that burning question, “Why?”
Damn this place and damn this town
Damn those heights that took me down
Damn that rollercoaster ride ~
Damn that burning question, “Why?”

Chorus: Damn,
Oh, damn
God, damn…

Damn your dazzling, gright façade
Damn your demons, damn your god
Damn your beauty, damn your youth
The blessed, naked, wicked truth…
Damn the softness of your cheek
Damn that touch that made me weak
Damn your cool and damn your heat
Damn you were cruel, but damn you were sweet…


Damn this ravaged, damaged soul
This forsaken, aching hole
Damn that pack of lies I sold
And every story left untold…
Damn those things I knew damn well
Damn them all straight down to hell
I’ll be damned until I die ~
So damn that burning question, “Why?”

©2005 Juliet Annerino

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