1. Easy

From the recording "Crushed Velvet"

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Verse: I was a dog-eatin’ dog in a rodent race…
I tried to save all mu pennies wh3en I couldn’t save face
Then I woke up one day, to the sad, but true…
I was wasting my time, then I met you, and~

Make it look so easy
When life
Seemed so hard for me
Sweet, graceful serendipity
That, Playful way you look at me…

You walk
And it’s like flying
You talk
As smooth as sighing
You’re not
Even trying now…

You are
Such a natural
You make my dreams factual
You stand
Way above it all
You do…

And you make it look so easy
You know it looks so easy
You make it look so easy, don’t you?

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