1. The Stranger

From the recording "Crushed Velvet"


“The Stranger”

There’s always another cigarette ~
Always someone I haven’t met
Always another drink to try
In some new club, with some new guy

There’s always another drug they sell
Another Sunday shot to hell
Another message on my machine
Another dirty soul to clean

Or maybe I could get away
Jump in my car, and leave L.A.
I’m uninsured, uninspired
Unattached, spent and wired ~

I’ll get my kicks in fits and screams,
In some one else’s unkempt dreams,
In stories I don’t care to hear
But if I have the time, I’ll lend my ear

So when you see me with someone new
Don’t curse my kind, don’t get all blue
I never said that I’d be True
Never said I was in love with you

I don’t make promises I can’t keep
So I don’t say much and a smile is cheap ~
A souvenir, from my youth
Too much trust, not enough truth

Solos over AAB

Now I lay me down to sleep
It’s almost noon, my soul wouldn’t keep
Who’s to say when a night is through
I never said I was in love with you…

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