1. "Just For Fun"

From the recording "Scenes from a Life on Fire"

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Featuring Jimmy Williams on electric guitar.


"Just For Fun"

You get the feeling you've been here before
Bounce off the ceiling and you're coming back for more
You get the rhythm and it moves without a sound
Tears up your insides, then you know you're going down...

Chorus: You could have been just for Fun,
Just somethin' to do
You could have been anyone,
But oh, Baby you're you
This could have been just a game,
Just a match between two
I might not seem like myself,
But oh, Baby you're you ~

Your apprehension puts wings upon your heels
Your good intentions are too scattered to be real
Facing the issue leaves you left without a choice
You're gonna miss you when you're out with all your toys...


Bridge: You don't know what you do to me,
just bein', bein' yourself...

Now you're for certain you'll be coming back for more
Once off the ceiling, now the ceiling is your floor
Keeping the rhythm, you can never get enough
Looked down at life, now maybe life is looking up...


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