1. "Groove"

From the recording "Scenes from a Life on Fire"

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Featuring the singular electric guitar work of the late, great, Jamie Tisdale. Rest in peace, Brother. Trumpet and horn arrangement by Mike Bolger.



Someday soon I think you’ll think of me,
the way the moon shreds across the sea
A silver smile, a silken silhouette, that soft beguile,
That tune you can’t forget…

Chorus: Groove to me whenever you want to
Move to me when the spirit moves you
Groove to me; You know you want to ~
Fall into this rhythm
Slip into this Groove

So come around, speak in sonic booms
Shake this ground and make these roses bloom
Clarion, crystal covenant
Carry on the pistol of a prince…


Bridge: We’ve got~
Oceans of excess
We’ve got~
Worlds at our feet
We’ve got~
Heavens surround us
You and me
could be so complete

So stay with me, create controversity
Scorch these skies, and sail this billowed breeze
Let’s get high, touch eternity
Can’t we try
Don’t we burn to be…


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