1. "Jones"

From the recording "Scenes from a Life on Fire"

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As for addictions, I’ve been hooked before ~
From fact to fiction I just wanted more
Without restrictions, through perceptions door ~
I walked in, the room did spin, high up off the floor…(now I)

Chorus: Jones for you ~ just can’t seem to get enough
Jones for you ~Sweet Thing, hey give me the stuff
Jones for you ~ I shake, I ache,
Sweet Thing don’t you make me wait ~
‘cause I Jones for you…

I’ve got the habit, now I’ll take the cure ~
Be my white rabbit, Babe you’re cut so pure
I’ve got to have it or I can’t endure ~
You’re my fix, where I get my kicks, now I can be sure…(‘cause I)


You’re in my consciousness, you’re in my brain ~
You’re in my every breath; you’re in my vein
All night without rest, they say, “She’s insane”
I’ll hock my ring, give up everything, to take you up again…(‘cause I)


Sweet Thing don’t you make me wait
Sweet Thing don’t you make me wait
Sweet Thing don’t you make me wait ~

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