Featuring Craig Seganti on trumpet.


“Dance Between the Raindrops”

In a smoke-filled room, on a stormy night
Two lovers dance in the shadowed light
And they dance so close, as he draws her near,
Thought I heard him whisper in her ear:

Chorus: Dance between the raindrops, My Love
Dance and the world is yours
                              for the taking
        Dance between the raindrops, My Love
Dance even though your heart
                 May be breaking ~
                       Dance between the raindrops…

As the music swelled, and their passion grew
It was in the air. Everyone there knew.
Then his fear cut in, and he turned away.
He was out the door, when I heard her say:


Bridge: I hear the call and it makes me want to dance
        I hear the cries of you, young lovers
       I feel a tear in the rain that pounds the night
               I hear the anger in the thunder…

Just before last call he came through that door,
Thought she’d wait for him but she’d wait no more
But on a cocktail napkin, in a jagged hand,
The courageous words, of a frightened man:


©2006 Juliet Annerino

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