From the recording "Scenes from a Life on Fire"

Featuring the singular electric guitar work of the late, great, Jamie Tisdale. Rest in peace, Brother. Trumpet and horn arrangement by Mike Bolger.


“Save Yourself”

You decide to take the scenic route,
When emptiness fills you with doubt…
A pamphlet on the pavement shouts, “The end is near, there’s no way out!”
When every angel’s left your bed,
And now there’s demons there instead,
Those tender traces in your head, inside you just feel dead~
Oh, Baby~

Chorus:  Save your self. Call me tonight
                I’ll be the one to set things right
                          Baby, save your self, call me tonight
           I’ll give you back your sight
                          Baby, save your self, call me tonight
                     Hey, I will be your light~

                                   Mere flesh and blood need love and care
       Sometimes even Angels err
       Just pick up your telephone
                        The life you save may be your own~
 Save yourself…

Drive down Sunset Boulevard, right here in Satan’s own backyard
You see a billboard from afar, hanging from a star
When every angel’s left this town, and all those demons gather ‘round
Those tragic traces in your head, inside you just feel dead
Oh, Baby~


Hollywood to Babylon, it’s all the same we just carry on
You’re blind from reading between the lines
Love lies bleeding in the L.A. Times
So where are those angels when we need them now?
How could they just let us down?
Those big ideas in your head…
Inside you just feel dead,
Oh, Baby~


 ©2005 Juliet Annerino
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