1. "Carried Away"

From the recording "Scenes from a Life on Fire"

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Acoustic guitar by Jimmy Williams.


“Carried Away”

Once removed ~
Now the whole world seems much closer
Once awake ~
Beyond my wildest dreams
Once my soul
Was just silence lost in shadow,
Yet nothing’s as it seems…

One passing glance ~
And you are blinded for a lifetime
Each step is dance
As the world becomes your song
To dream, perchance
You know all life is final moments,]
Until all life is gone…

Chorus:  I don’t care what other people say ~
             That you and I could get carried away
               And I don’t care what other people do,
                 I just know that I’m in love with you…

One tear-stained face
Could wash away a thousand curses
One steel embrace
To the core that is your will
Dear Demons loosed
Let all Heaven’s gates be shattered
Just to feel the thrill…

Once set free ~
You can never e’er go back there
You and me,
Invent our lives each day
Two souls in flight,
Beyond the speed of light, Dear
The whole world blows away…


Tag: (crescendo with Chorus to BigSwoop end)

Once removed…
Once awake,
One passing glance,
Each step is dance ~
To dream perchance…
Once set free,
Two souls in flight ~

© 2008 Juliet Annerino
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