1. "Follow Me"

From the recording "Scenes from a Life on Fire"

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Featuring EDM master Vic Hennegan on funky guitar, Peter Choyce performing various voice-over quotes (keys and vocals by Juliet)


“Follow Me”

Picture a wave upon an endless sea ~
That what you’ll be when you  belong to me
Picture a  breeze upon a clear blue sky ~
That’s how you’ll be when you become mine

Chorus: Follow me
                              Take my  hand
                                I’ll set You free
                                                     You’ll understand
                    Follow me
                              Take my  hand
                                I’ll set You free
                                                         You’ll understand…

If ever a tear should ever cross your face,
I 'll  wipe it away with one sweet embrace
If ever a doubt should ever cross your mind,
I’ll fill up your head with some sweet design


Bridge: More than this world could ever offer , you will own
     (and you will know)
             More than  a thousand words of wisdom ever told
     (and you will)
                     See  things in a light you’ve never seen then in before
         (Never Before)
           One touch and we’re almost there
            That’s what I’ m  here for…

 (Solo over Chorus)

(Chorus 2x)

Juliet Annerino © 2005

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