1. Drowning

Featuring trumpet by Craig Seganti.



Feel myself fall ~  into your sea
The way it feels, when you’re in deep
I catch my self  forget to breathe
I catch my heart
forget to beat~

Chorus:  Let’s talk about love…

I learn to swim
 I learn to feel
I jump right in
 my senses reel
Fish in the sea
Some thrills are cheap
But your hook in me
It cuts so deep


Bridge: I’m in, way over my head
                I fell straight into your bed
                Don’t save me
                No life jacket will fit
                Take me straight down into it ~

I live to float upon your wave
Man in this boat will not be saved
Where earth meets sky, Where sun meets sea
That’s where I’ll lie
That’s where I’ll be…

©2007 Juliet Annerino

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