1. "Secret Life"

From the recording "Scenes from a Life on Fire"

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The multi-talented Tom Douvan plays banjo, classical guitar and mandolin on this track.


“Secret Life”

When your hopes and dreams fly high, my Love,
Careful should they flail and die, my Love…
When the cold daylight intrudes, my Love,
It can be so very rude, my Love ~

They say she leads a secret life…
And once that she was some man’s wife
Caught stealing, concealing ~
Those things that just might hurt you
You’re reeling, past feeling,
                   This Secret Life…

She says they’re tearing her apart…
They want to vivisect her heart
Deceptions, reflections ~
She moves in smoke & mirrors…
Inconclusive, elusive,
                  Her Secret Life…

Bridge: All of the words,
        In the world can’t explain~
        Searching for reasons, you find only pain…

They say that ignorance is bliss…
You’ll taste the truth deep in her kiss
You’re lost in, wild wonder
Next thing you know you’re under
You’re selfless, then helpless
                   In This Secret Life…

©2008 Juliet Annerino

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